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February 07 2018

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Another episode-doodle-loodle~ 8D Didn’t intend for these to be a regular thing, but I can’t seem to stop myself.

So anyway. My sis informed me that all salamanders apparently are more or less poisonous. You should always wash your hands after touching them.
I find this very interesting.

I bet that the Salamandrians do NOT possess such toxic properties, but at same time, you never know. :3

Don’t kiss a girl unless you know what her mucus is made of.

Link to this pic on DeviantArt: http://fav.me/d9fizkb


honestly i love the bit in crystal kingdom where kravitz turns into a skeleton and taako’s like ‘well if you wanted me to go over there (the afterlife) you should’ve stayed handsome’ bc it implies that before, taako was 100% Ready To Die to get in on that action. like he just looked at kravitz and went ‘oh hell yeah. murder me immediately. my gay ass is gonna descend straight to hell so i can get a piece of that beefcake’



since this magic mojo powers the turts and Ape are gonna have is finally legit and no longer avoidable I at least want to have Donnie refuse to acknowledge them throughout the entire series and excuse his use of them as really cool techology or something

*something blatantly magical happens*

donnie: “that’s just advanced science i haven’t studied yet.”

mikey: “dude just admit magic is-”

donnie: “magic isn’t real that’s just advanced science i haven’t studied yet.”

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April and Donnie ending up super successful and well known scientists and Casey being their athlete trophy husband/housewife is so important to me

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2018 so far.

(This was a Patron reward drawing originally. It took on a life of its own.)

Lackadaisy is on Patreon - there’s extra stuff!

February 06 2018

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I don’t even


top 10 photos taken seconds before disaster

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So… this has been on my mind for a while now. What do you think?

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Crack idea of Selina being pregnant with Helena and everyone is excited!!! But the time draws nearer and everyone is like “okay I need to get stuff done so I can be there and help after the birth”

So Bruce goes off undercover and Dick and Tim go off to space and Jason is off with the Outlaws and Cassandra is in Hong Kong but is flying in before the birth and Alfred gets some needed vacation time beforehand.

Which leaves…Damian.

And guess who decides to come early.

So ~13 year old Damian is BLASTING through downtown Gotham traffic, barely seeing over the steering wheel and instructing Selina how to breathe 😂😂😂 there are sirens after them, a helicopter intoning “pull over” and it turns into a car chase in which Damian gets to show off his automobile skills 😎 it’s 2 Fast and 2 Furious in Gotham City, because Damian Wayne is about to become a big brother 😎 the law be damned Mommy Selina is in the HOUSE or like hospital

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Gap bros calling each other “friend” in Race with the Demon

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Does that look dreadful enough ?

Charles, go hide, Connor ain’t happy.

Reposted byYoSiJo YoSiJo


I love it! The Japanese version of Prompto yelling “Mom” when you switch from Prompto to Ignis is the best. 

Prompto literally yells out “お母さん!” (”Okaa-san!” = “Mom!”) to which Ignis replies coldly: “ふざけるな.”   (“fuzakeruna” = “Fuck off”)

Ignis is soooo done with the mom jokes :’)

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what happened to our beautiful father? Nickelodeon hello???


*batfamily is chilling quietly in the batcave*

Dick: *sparring with Cass*

Tim: *on his phone*

Damian: *sitting on the floor with Titus*

Steph: *spinning around in a chair*

Bruce: *reading*




*everyone scurries to high ground as fast as they possibly can*

Dick: *runs and leaps onto the batmobile*

Tim: *lets his phone fall and shatter on the stone floor as he jumps onto a large cabinet because survival is the priority, not a hundred dollar iphone*

Cass: *climbs onto a table and when Damian tries to follow, shoves him off like Mufasa and watches with pride as he screams, falling to his fiery death in the imaginary lava*

Steph: *jumps onto Jason’s back and hitches a ride as he jumps on top of a lab table, sending bottles of probably dangerous chemicals crashing on the ground*


Other kids: *shouting and hollering* OHHHHHHH!!!

Bruce: *staring emptily at the ceiling* Why me

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actual children

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