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November 18 2017

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Have you ever heard of Mirkwood?
I have not. That sounds made up to me.

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I know she’s the goddess of death and all but… I got the idea in my head of Hela being the cool-bad-influence older sister. Loki somehow takes after the eldest child the most.

(Did Odin see his son’s choice in color schemes and not get at all alarmed??)



eleven is extra af because for her badass return she killed a demodog and then straight up launched it through joyce’s window, like that was so unnecessary but what else do you expect a queen to do

also, i think there were multiple demodogs outside the house? so she killed them all and saved one (1) demodog to throw into the living room window where she knew all the others were. i mean… HOW extra can a thirteen year old girl be?

November 16 2017

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One thousand like to the film

and my question remains

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also I just noticed from a gifset that Joyce leads for Will when teaching him how to dance before the Snow Ball, which means if Joyce knows anything about traditional gender roles in social dance, which she probs does, she’s deliberately teaching Will how to dance with boys. even today in a lot of social dance communities it’s unusual for boys to follow and girls to lead, and most people who flip the script are gay/gnc. Will Is Gay And Joyce Supports Her Son



Hottest of hot takes, Heimdall is literally the only competent Asgardian, he’s the only one, he’s the entirety of the functioning government

Don’t forget lifelong helicopter parent to two spoiled princes, resulting in their favorite tactic of yelling beseechingly at the sky whenever they want to nope out of a situation.

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30-odd years later, Mike Wheeler watches The Force Awakens and Dustin, beside him in the theatre, nudges him in the ribs. 

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byeler + the arm thing

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m…my hair


actually hands down the funniest moment in all 17 episodes of stranger things is when joyce and bob have just finished hacking hundreds of living vines off of a suffocating hopper in a paranormal underground tunnel and hopper’s like purple and gasping for air and he’s casually like “hi bob” and bob goes “hi jim”

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You can take my heart, you can take my breath
When you pry it from my cold, dead chest

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TAZ apotheosis AU - from the taz fic writers discord. Where eventually, taako becomes Life and kravitz becomes death and sometimes story turns to legend turns to myth


When the world was young and the old gods still walked the earth, life stole death’s heart in battle. Life was mortal then, because all gods are shaped from the flesh-clay of the living. This was in the time before the world ended and began anew, and life was a mage with half his minds-eye shut, half his heart missing.

Death was a man-monster made of bone with a heart that no longer beat. He wore a cloak and carried a scythe sharp enough to cut the horizon. He spoke like a stranger, and he accused Life and his companions of cheating him. Through the hollow holes of his eyes, Death could only see what had not been paid. He stared at Life and his companions and deemed them guilty, no knowledge of the old goddess Fate’s hand leading him to his future lover.

Life and his companions (who were to become gods in their own right, but this is not a story about them) laughed, and said they had committed no wrongdoing, for their could remember no crime. Truthfully, they had, but they were all half-blind in their mind’s eye, betrayed by one of their old company. So they denied all charges, and Death drew his scythe and turned from man to monster to shining golem.

He advanced on Life and his companions, and they prepared for a battle. But Death was at an advantage, for the ground around them was death itself to the touch, and Life and his companions were only mortal. One touch of the shining crystal would turn their skin to stone and their eyes to gems.

Life and his companions fought bravely nonetheless. Yet eventually, Life was knocked back against the floor, his companions separated from him by Death’s looming form.

So Life drew his staff — the one that the goddess Fire had made and was imprisoned within — and out of its end spun a writhing tangle of black vine that ensnared Death’s golem in its grasp. Death snarled, and attempted to free himself, but Life’s magicks were too powerful and he was rendered immobile, his large bulk used against him.

Life was, even of half-heart and half-mind, a mage of the most powerful transmutations, and he carried an instrument that would allow him to consume crystal, stone, earth, without fearing death.

So Life sauntered up to Death, mocking him even as he dusted himself off, wielding his fork like a sword. Death had no fear, for what was there to fear? He was death, he could not die, he had no beating heart and the only thing that coursed through his veins was delight and righteous anger. He stared up at Life, half his size and shining, and dared him to do his worst, for there was no hurt a mortal could visit upon him that could not be undone.

Life smiled, and knelt next to Death, his companions watching. Clear eyed and unflinching, he touched Death’s carapace with one gloved hand and told Death that he was not in the habit of being told what he could and could not do.

And so Life cut out Death’s heart, and ate it.

This is how Life stole Death’s heart upon their first meeting.


the other version where kravitz is reading the recorded myth to taako


taako: you were into the tentacles you dont get to say jack shit

November 15 2017

i can’t get over how Extra™ the production of Sense8 is


they honestly seem to do everything in the most unnecessary over-complicated and expensive way possible, can’t say the end result isn’t worth it (best show i’ve ever watched) but like:

- they film everything 99% of the time on location, season 2 took 8 months of traveling around the world to get done, the main cast didn’t go home for 4 months straight at some point, they also hire local actors and crews

- talking about traveling, that scene where capheus visits riley when she’s on a plane to iceland? yup, you guessed it, they casually filmed that while they are actually on the plane to iceland

- they also don’t separate, everyone goes together from place to place even if some actors only have a few lines in one location # the sense8 travelling circus

- honestly just the way ‘visiting’ works is so extra, they have to shoot the exact same scene up to 5 times all over the world and then edit it to together in a coherent way, imagine how hard it’s for an actor to repeat a scene in the exact same way they did it 3 months ago in a completely different environment and mood, kudos to them

- this entire post about how the english dialogue for the not english speaking characters is structured will blow your mind

- riley’s opening scene when she’s playing at a club? that is an actual club with normal people not actors, they didn’t know tuppence wasn’t an actual dj, they had her go and pretend to dj in between two actual djs

- that applies for everything else really, if something can be done for reals they do it for reals, you know the scene at the end of season 2 were they all get electrocuted (aka the most stressful thing to watch ever), well, they got themselves electrocuted for reals, no, i’m not shitting you, they had to hire experts to make sure they didn’t accidentally kill themselves or sth, i love this cast but i’m also really concerned

- the wrestling match lito, hernando and dani attend was a real match with a real crowd

- also both pride scene were filmed at actual pride, the brazil pride was improvised except for lito’s speech which lana wrote on their way there, because they found out very last minute that they could actually fit it in the schedule

- the way the cast talk about the show sounds like they’re talking about their newborn baby sometimes like: ‘wolfgang is the biggest gift i’ve ever received in my career’, doona owns more sense8 merch than any fan in the world, freema and jamie crying at the table read when they got to amanita and nomi’s engagement scene as if they were actually getting married, brian’s letter after the cancelation and all their tweets about it, honestly this entire video of them basically talking about how much they love each other is the most extra and adorable thing ever

- the ‘sharing’ scenes are mostly done through stunts and not post-production, the actors actually jump in and out of frame changing places, instead of you know, just editing the scene together afterwards

- they got fined filming the ‘sex-nic’ part of the orgy for public nudity, just sense8 things

- bollywood dance scene? all shot in one take, for no reason other than make it more complicated lol

- the pretty underwater scenes from the christmas special? they went to malta EXCLUSIVELY to shoot those, what?, 3 minutes?, i’d say that was the most expensive montage ever but the fine for public nudity was $10k so idk

- talking about orgies, kind of unrelated but i’m mentioning it anyway bc i can’t believe them, apparently the cast casually goes through life organizing netflix talent orgies? life imitates art?

- they also were in scotland for 9 days for some reason, even though only like 10 minutes of the actual show happen in scotland (i’m guessing this is what happens when u double their budget for s2 lmao) 

- max riemelt dubs wolfie in german, also the dude that dubbed V from V for Vendetta dubs The Guy in french, if u gotta be extra don’t forget the details i guess

i’m probs missing a million things so feel free to add more lol

tl,dr: Sense8 is Extra™ and I Love It™


There’s something about Sense8 that you will only notice if you are actually familiar with all/most of the original languages that should be used and that’s the way the narrative is written is completely based in the original language. I have seen a couple of post about how Lito or Sun’s dialogues were weird or too artificial and that’s because it’s a direct translation of their natural speech. 

It’s probably less strong in Lito because he lives in a world of Soap Operas, he lives and breath dramatic characters so his character is overdramatic and fake (something he totally owns and accepts) but when you listen to Sun, especially pre-jail Sun, you can see that her English is a direct translation of her Korean. The way the sentences are constructed, the emphasis and tone… she is not a Korean woman living an American life, she is a Korean woman living a Korean life in Seoul with the not-so-uncommon problems in the Korean chaebol sector. If you know a lil bit of Korean you are able to translate every single one of her sentences to Korean and they look authentic, the same way Lito’s sentences half the time would work way better in Spanish that they do in English. 

(Edit: several rebloggers have confirmed that, indeed, Wolfgang also talks a translated German, which only confirms the theory. All of this also explains the fact that every single actor comes with their original accent, they don’t try to mimic American/British accent but they have kept the accent they would have if they were talking in their original language and we were only listening to their English because we are connected with the Sensates. Sense8 tries to turn the viewer into another Sensate, in some sort of Jonas.  I would very much appreciate if someone can shed some light about the Swahili and the Hindi, though)

(Edit2: Thanks to r-ed​ we have confirmation that Kala’s English is also a translation from the original Hindi. As it happens with Korean, and probably Swahili too, these languages’ structure are pretty different from English, while German and Spanish have more similarities structure-wise) so the translation has been enriched to be understandable, but the basis of the Hindi language as well the accent has been respected. As I commented on an earlier post, the writers have understood that language/accent is part of the characters, but adapting their language to English they would have erased this side of them that is as important as their cultural inheritance, so it’s important that they only translated the language into a more understandable language, considering they interact with each other in a mental wave length, making it possible for each one to understand the other without the need to use the same physical language). 

Michael, Lana and Andy  have done an amazing research work and even though I’d be forever happy to see them talk more in their own languages I am so satisfied with the way the have handled the language issue. 

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mike wheeler: a summary
↳ 10000% done with your shit

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